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National Hog Farmer to host first Global Hog Industry Virtual Conference

Global Hog Industry Virtual Conference
During the opening keynote session, National Hog Farmer will unveil the pork production companies that made this year’s Global Mega Producer list.

Trade disputes, African swine fever, human intelligence for production optimization, using pigs to save human lives, hog barn innovation and more will be among the topics covered as the swine industry worldwide comes together June 6, for the first-ever Global Hog Industry Virtual Conference.

During the opening keynote session, National Hog Farmer will unveil the pork production companies that made this year’s Global Mega Producer list. The session will also include a discussion on the global market trends shaping the hog industry of the future. National Hog Farmer editor Ann Hess will be joined by long-time broadcaster Max Armstrong of This Week in Agribusiness to dig deep into how ASF and trade disputes are impacting these global mega operations. They will be joined by a panel that includes market analyst Dennis Smith, a regular contributor to National Hog Farmer.

The Global Hog Industry Virtual Conference also will cover innovation happening at the barn level with an emphasis on achieving a higher level of individual animal management and increased performance and efficiency. Experts will be on hand to discussion the latest trends in this sector.

Attendees will also get to hear how the successful adoption of precision production will be highly dependent on having engaged employee teams in the barn. The session will show why creating a culture that works for all involved is needed and ultimately results in efficiency and animal performance gains.

Feed safety is another topic of key importance for producers and the industry. Without question, this past year has brought even greater attention to the safety of the feed being given to pigs. The industry has taken steps forward in securing the feed supply, but there is still more to be done. Scott Dee of Pipestone Veterinary Services, Liz Wagstrom of the National Pork Producers Council and Leah Wilkinson of the American Feed Industry Association, along with others, will be on hand for a live panel discussion on the state of feed security, research on new tools and best practices to help mitigate risk.

Hosted by National Hog Farmer and its sponsor partners, this one-day digital conference will bring in-depth knowledge and insight via desktop and/or mobile device, and all at not cost for attendees.

The event is made possible by Provimi, ChoreTime/PigTek, Genesus, Alltech, Hubbard, Merck, Kent Nutrition Group, Pork Checkoff, ADM Animal Nutrition, Hog Hearth and IL-Tek Lighting Solutions, International Nutrition and Kemin.

Click here to register for the Global Hog Industry Virtual Conference.

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