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Aaron Putze, Barbara Jackson and Derek Yancey Join Animal Agriculture Alliance Board

June 2, 2009 - The Animal Agriculture Alliance (Alliance) is pleased to announce that Aaron Putze, Executive Director of the Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers (CSIF); Barbara Jackson, Regional Director of American National Cattlewomen's Inc. (ANCW); and Derek Yancey, President of Morning Fresh Farms; recently joined the non-profit organization's Board of Directors.

"The positive, proactive approach on issues of concern to livestock, hog and poultry farmers that the Alliance champions is extremely important to every family that's involved in animal agriculture," said Putze, who grew up on a grain and livestock farm in Iowa and worked for the Iowa Farm Bureau for 10 years prior to joining CSIF five years ago. "It's an honor to be part of the Alliance board and to learn from the experts on how we can continue to grow our farm successfully and responsibly."

"Our association is looking forward to actively participating on the Alliance's board," said Jackson, who owns her own animal health company and has been a member of ANCW for over 30 years. "As importantly, ANCW is excited to partner with the Alliance in some innovative web ventures that will engage new audiences."

"Agricultural stakeholders can best combat the claims of animal rights extremists through proactive efforts to ensure animal well-being," said Yancey, who has spent his 15 year career in egg ranching. "Helping the Alliance communicate reliable, science-based information is very important to Morning Fresh Farms and every person that depends on animal agriculture, from corn and soybean growers to restaurants and grocers."

"We are delighted to have Aaron Putze, Barbara Jackson and Derek Yancey bring their unique strengths to our Board," said Alliance Executive Vice President Kay Johnson Smith. "We are sure that the input of these well-known and respected leaders will help us build on the Alliance's previous successes."

The Animal Agriculture Alliance, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, is a broad-based coalition of individual producers, producer organizations, suppliers, packer-processors, private industry and retailers. The Alliance's mission is to communicate the important role of animal agriculture to our nation's economy, productivity, vitality, security and that animal well-being is central to producing safe, high-quality, affordable food and other products essential to our daily lives.

Animal Agriculture Alliance | P.O. Box 9522 | Arlington | VA | 22209