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Flow Hammer Automated Production  Systems (AP)

AP is pleased to announce the introduction of the “Flow Hammer” feed flow device.  This patent pending product aids in the prevention of out of feed events in all phases of swine production.  Feed bridging has become a common event in the swine industry as diets change due to fluctuating input costs and the use of alternative feed stuffs to lower cost and gain feed efficiency.  The “Flow Hammer” is a simple and reliable solution that easily and affordably adapts to most existing feed bins.  AP is proud to deliver solutions that help today’s producers maximize efficiency and profitability.

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Bazooka Farmstar Coulter Till

The Bazooka Farmstar Coulter Till is a manure application toolbar consisting of 22.5” Coulter Till blades rolling at an offset to create a cut capable of receiving manure directly behind the blades. Sealing is accomplished with a single or (double) 17.5” closure blade following the manure drop tube. Individual row units equipped with auto reset design allow for use in all no-till and most pasture applications. Injection rates range from 3000 GPA to 15,000 GPA.

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DryExactPro Multi-Phase Feeding System

DryExactPro is a state-of-the-art precision feeding system, designed to cut feed costs by increasing feed efficiency and lowering nutrient wastage. It employs a weighed batch mixer to weigh, blend and deliver feed recipes for each individual feeder (feed valve). This opens the door to easy Multi-Phase Feeding. The system is operated by BigFarmNet, a new generation computer and management tool. It provides user-friendly controlling and allows linking all farm computers and your iPhone for convenient data sharing and analysis.

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AgraSphere Livestock Waste Inoculant

Over the past six months, the AgraSphere has proved to be the leader in this market due to its delivery method. The use of the biodegradable dispenser along with the patented blend of bacteria and microbes are very easy to use. Placing the AgraSphere at the bottom of the livestock waste storage systems has proven to be the key to our success, placing the product where the product is needed. The Bioverse Treatment Products are available for purchase through Hog Slat and Hubbard Feeds. We are very excited about this product line and the results that we are achieving in livestock waste systems.

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BridgRid Feed Bridging Solution

The BridgRid system is the first truly economical and viable option for the elimination of flowablility issues of various ingredients and substances in bulk containers.  Applications range from single bins containing DDGs and other like products to entire finishing facilities.  Our electronics monitor auger lines for complete automation and recognize and lock out empty structures.  Configurable alarm outputs and complete data-logging are also available as well.
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Clarcor Air Filtration

The patent pending, Model 2000-P & 4000-P AG filter housings are new and completely innovative plastic 3-piece housings that have become the new standard in air filter holding frames for animal containment structures. The plastic components are more resistant to corrosive gases present in animal containment structures when compared to metal components. That means longer service life and fewer maintenance costs. Components are field repairable, if damaged, following installation. Slight damage can be patched and a plastic welder can be used to repair more severe damage.

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ClicRweightTM Revolutionary Weighing System

ClicRweight – the alternative, wireless remote weighing system that will revolutionize the swine industry for generations.  This system provides the weight of a hog without human intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using a 4’ x 2’ ClicRchute to take a picture of the animal and accurately calculate the weight.  Data summarizing individual weights, average weights and total tonnage is accessible on a daily basis.  Hit the “Sweet Spot” 97% of the time and improve overall efficiency!

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DOL 114 Humidity and Temperature Sensor

DOL 114 is a high-precision sensor for measuring relative temperature and humidity. It is intended for use inside livestock houses. Output: either 0-10V DC or 4-20mA, so it will fit the majority of controllers in the market. The DOL 114 is water- and dust-proof according to NEMA6. Come by dol-sensors in the Varied Industries Building to have a talk about your measuring needs!

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Micro-Aid® Value Proposition Model Executive Summary

The Micro-Aid® Value Proposition Model is a comprehensive tool that the Swine Industry has counted on when making tough financial decisions. Now, you can count on that same precise accuracy with the ease of operation and efficiency of understanding built into the New Executive Summary of the MAVPM.

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G6.0 Terminal Sire Your Solution to Reducing Feed Costs

The new G 6.0 boar is engineered to reduce production costs for today’s heavier market weights, due to significant improvements in feed conversion.

    • Produces pigs with extra pounds of

      paid lean yield per pound of feed

    • Excellent hardiness in all types of

      growing conditions

    • Low mortality

    • Maximizes production revenue

    • Significant advantage to swine

      producers and processors alike

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Brand New Feed Dispenser

The newly developed feed dispenser is state-of-the-art within volume dosage, making it the most advanced feed dispenser on the market. With a slide gate you can easily adjust the amount of feed which isfilled into the dispenser while there is still feed in it!  The feed dispenser also has a pull handle at the bottom of the dispenser making it possible to prevent feeding to the sow at any time. Finally it has 2 inspection hatches at the bottom and top, which allows for easy additional nutritional supplements or medication making cleaning extremely convenient.

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Reliable Wet/Dry Feeder

The TUBE-O-MAT® Classic is one of the most reliable wet/dry feeders on the market. Its classic stainless steel  cylinder used as dosing unit, has four wings, which the pigs quickly learn to activate - making the feed come out into the trough. An elevated platform under the dosing unit secures that the feed outlet is kept dry. With a built-in water bowl and water nipples in each end of the trough the pigs have all they need in TUBE-O-MAT® Classic. The feeder is available in a single and double feeder, from wean to finish.

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MJPRRS® Vaccine

MJPRRS® Vaccine is based on two new patented technologies to make better   vaccines for your system.

   1. MJPRRS® Grouping technology based on immunological properties for analyzing & selecting PRRS viruses.

   2. MJPRRS® Process technology invented by U of MN for concentrating PRRSV envelope proteins. MJPRRS® Inactivated vaccine has demonstrated statistically significant  results in independent heterologous   challenge studies in both sows & pigs. MJPRRS® Vaccine is a custom made autogenous vaccine produced and distributed by MVP Laboratories from their USDA licensed facilities in Omaha, NE. Available only through veterinarians.


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Osborne Heat Pad Indicator Lamp

This product identifies the proper operation of electrical equipment that provides no audible, visible or vibratory indication of operation, like Osborne’s Stanfield® Heat Pads. It is molded onto the electric supply cord of a heat pad or molded into a universal plug adapter.

Producers can use this product to ensure that their heating equipment is functioning properly without having to inspect it or touch it to determine if it is hot. This product will also inform the producer that the electric circuit connecting the equipment is active.

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Fostera™ PRRS Formulated From an Innovative Cell Line

Fostera™ PRRS* is a new modified-live vaccine option that can help you produce healthier growing pigs. A challenge study demonstrated that vaccination with Fostera PRRS reduced lung lesions by 84%, reduced overall respiratory clinical signs by 80% and improved ADG by 2.5 times.1 Talk to your veterinarian or Pfizer Animal Health representative about guarding your herd (and your bottom line) with new Fostera PRRS. Text PRRS to 69302 to stay updated on new insights in fighting PRRS.

1. Data on file, Study Report No. 3127R-60-10-890, Pfizer Inc.


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Prima Tech USA 0.3ml Bottle Mount Vaccinator

The growing trend towards lower dose biological and pharmaceutical products require vaccinators with greater accuracy and ease of delivery.  In January of 2012, Prima Tech launched a new 0.3ml BMV (bottle mount vaccinator) with a dose range of 0.1ml to 0.3ml.  This precision product allows the barrel to prime at the lowest 0.1ml setting, saving valuable set up time. It also offers a full stroke at the 0.3ml setting so the user easily recognizes that “feel” of a successful injection. The precision stainless plunger and piston insures that the correct amount of product is dispensed with every stroke. All Prima Tech applicators are designed to meet dose tolerances of +/-2%, and go through stringent quality checks throughout the production process to assure this tolerance is met.

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DE-Lyte™ - Here Comes the Sun

Bring the benefits of sunlight into your barn through drinking water. DE-Lyte™ provides the high level of vitamin D weaned pigs need. Natural vitamin E, electrolytes and ActiFibe® prebiotic fiber promote health and get pigs on feed quickly. DE-Lyte™ is a liquid application to ease pig transitions from the sow to the nursery. So here comes the sun . . . AND THEN SOME.

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MetroSperm® NEW Direct-Read Spectrophotometry

ReproQuest, Inc. is pleased to introduce the MetroSperm® and announce that an agreement with Import-Vet S.A. located in Centelles, Spain has been reached for exclusive distribution in the U.S.A. and U.K.

The MetroSperm® is a handheld, direct read spectrophotometer for measuring both the concentration and temperature of boar semen. Measurements are taken directly from the fresh ejaculate, the MetroSperm®  uses no consumables (reducing cost) and improves the reliability and accuracy by eliminating technician variability and sampling error. The MetroSperm® also includes software, which can calculate the viable cells and determine how many doses can be processed from each ejaculate.

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International: Import-Vet S.A. 
(+34) 902-316-613
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More Than Manure® Nutrient Manager

More Than Manure® Nutrient Manager, referred to as MTM™, is the first and only product to protect both phosphorus (P) from lock-up and nitrogen (N)   from     leaching, denitrification and volatilization in applied manure. MTM maximizes P and N in all manures and litters – both dry and liquid. Increasing availability of these  valuable nutrients can lead to yield increases and better overall crop performance. MTM can be added to confinement lagoons or pits, in transportation/application equipment, or sprayed over-the-top of dry-applied litter or manure. When added to an in-ground lagoon or pit, MTM can reduce solids and ammonia levels in livestock-confinement operations.

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Pig BackFat Thickness Scanner  

Anyscan BF is designed to manage sow’s body condition effectively. Anyscan BF shows figures for 3 layers back fat respectively.  The user can control sow’s nutrition and feeding for each step of raising by measuring 3 layers which are helpful for improving sow’s reproduction ability and increasing sow’s pregnancy number for life.

- User friendly convenience through one hand use (first and sole in the world).
-1,2,3  backfat layers detectable by one scanning at a time (first and sole in the world).
-18 consecutive working hours for 3 hours of recharging (sole among competitions).
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