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Vets Plus, Inc., announces name change

Customers can expect expanded distribution, additional product options

KNAPP, Wisc., June 2, 2011 – Vets Plus, Inc. (VPI) today announced a name change and a new VPI logo at

The acquisition of BOMAC New Zealand by Bayer (Germany) in 2010 initiated the transition of the 22-year-old animal health manufacturer back to its original name of Vets Plus, Inc., fresh with a new logo. This logo emphasizes Vets Plus, Inc., as a Global Leader in Animal Health not only with text, but also with graphics by maintaining the signature upside-down triangle with “Vets Plus” at the top, and an image of a globe at the point.

“It is important to stress to our customers and partners that this most recent change at Vets Plus, Inc., is in name only and we will continue to produce only the highest-quality products in animal health and nutrition,” Raj Lall, President and CEO, said. “This opportunity to move forward as Vets Plus, Inc., is exciting and we are happy to reveal our new logo that better aligns with our dedication to the health and well-being of all the animals in the world – and the companies that serve them.”

VPI, headquartered in Knapp, Wisc., boasts nearly 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space and has a current roster of more than 500 products that it produces. With such a spectrum of capabilities, Vets Plus, Inc., has the ability to also offer custom product manufacturing for clients to meet their ever-evolving needs in providing consumers with the highest-quality animal health supplement and/or nutraceutical, while maximizing profits and maintaining the highest in certified quality standards.

Additional questions regarding the Vets Plus, Inc., line of products or to discuss custom product development opportunities, VPI can be reached via phone at 1.800.468.3877 or e-mail at [email protected]

About Vets Plus, Inc.

Vets Plus, Inc. (VPI), located in Knapp, Wisconsin, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of animal health and nutrition products, including Probios®, Replamin®, Swine Prefer™, Pets Prefer™, Goats Prefer™ and Horses Prefer™ product lines.

Founded in 1990 by entrepreneur Raj Lall, VPI began manufacturing and distributing animal health and nutrition products. By 2002, VPI had formed a strategic marketing and manufacturing alliance with Chr. Hansen in Denmark, thus earning the license to market and manufacture the Probios® line of products. From 2005-10, Vets Plus, Inc., was known as BOMAC Vets Plus, Inc. (BVPI), after a partnership agreement was reached with BOMAC of New Zealand. During that time, the company also formed a strategic marketing and manufacturing alliance (2008) with Albion Animal Health on Replamin® and Pull Thru® brand products. Following the acquisition of BOMAC New Zealand by Bayer (Germany) in late 2010, the company began the transition back to being known as “Vets Plus, Inc.”, which will be completed by 2012. VPI is proud of its continued growth into a leader within the animal health industry and ability to manufacture more than 500 products, while maintaining ISO-9001, cGMP, NASC and AFFCO certifications.

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