USDA Approves Six VaxLiant Adjuvants for Swine and Cattle Vaccines

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved the safety of six ready-to-use adjuvants from VaxLiantTM that can be added to vaccines to help improve the resulting immune response in cattle and swine. The approval includes a 21-day withdrawal period for these ENABLTM adjuvants when included in vaccines administered either subcutaneously (SQ) or intramuscularly (IM).

“What this means is that companies can bring new vaccines to market using a shorter timeline, since we already have conducted the research needed to confirm safety for these ENABL adjuvants,” says Steve Schram, VaxLiant co-founder. “In essence, they’re ready for license development. Being able to bring vaccines to market more quickly is important to the health of pigs and cattle, and the low, 21-day withdrawal requirement is especially helpful when developing vaccines for practical use.”

USDA review of the submitted research resulted in approval of three ENABL formulations for swine vaccines and three for cattle vaccines. Because these adjuvants will be incorporated into vaccines that combat different diseases, having a variety of ready-to-use adjuvants allows companies to select the one that will bring out the best in their specific vaccine.

“Vaccine developers are finding the technology behind these novel adjuvants offers never-seen-before flexibility in helping combat disease,” says Timothy Miller, Ph.D., VaxLiant co-founder. “Our team of researchers who developed ENABL understands how important every day can be when developing vaccines to protect animal health. That’s why we continue to invest in research, such as these safety studies, to save precious development time and to help identify the adjuvant that’s best for each situation.”

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