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TOPIGS Philippines Starts InGene Partnership With Biggest Pig Producer

TOPIGS Philippines and Monterey Foods Corporation (MFC), the biggest pig operation in

the Philippines, have formally signed an InGene partnership agreement. Now TOPIGS can

start to supply pig genetics to Monterey, starting in their South Mindanao Live


The InGene programme enables MFC to produce its own sows with the highest genetic

potential using the genetics, knowledge and support of TOPIGS. A key element of InGene

is the linking of MFC’s breeding herd to Pigbase, the world’s largest pig-breeding

database that contains genetic information from more than 800 breeding farms

worldwide. Pigbase contains data on more than 20 million pigs, which makes it a

powerful tool for achieving genetic progress within the breeding programme of TOPIGS

as well as on farms using the Ingene programme.

TOPIGS Philippines is a subsidiary of TOPIGS International and is a key genetic supplier

in the Philippines. TOPIGS is a world leader in pig genetics and the absolute market

leader in several countries. TOPIGS is the biggest genetic supplier in Europe. Excellent

breeding programmes and the resulting customer commitment are the key to TOPIGS’


Monterey Foods Corporation is the Philippines’s largest pig operation, with the latest

technology in feed milling, breeding, livestock raising, slaughtering, meat retailing, and

meat processing. Monterey is a subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation.