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TOPIGS Genetics in the Most Northern Pig Farm in the World

On the 1 December 2010, a batch of Tempo boars was delivered to the Prigorodnyi farm in the region of Murmansk in Russia. This farm is without any doubt the most northern professional pig farm in the world.

The Prigorodnyi farm has experience with Tempo boars. The first boars arrived in 2008 on the farm. The boars have proved them at the professional pig farm closest to the North Pole, better carcass quality and vitality of the piglets were part of the strongest points that convinced the management of the farm to keep on using Tempo boars. The offspring have a strong appetite, high growth rate and good meat quality, benefits that are welcome up north.

With a production of 1,100,000 crossbred gilts and over 6 million doses of semen per year, TOPIGS is one of the biggest genetics suppliers in the world. In several countries, TOPIGS is either the market leader or one of the major suppliers. TOPIGS stands for progress in pigs. This means research, innovation and genetic improvement are the cornerstones of our company. By continuously improving our products, we enable our clients to achieve maximum results.

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