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TechMix launches TechMix BioTech in China

Joint venture launched between TechMix and GenTech China

Minneapolis, MN, USA - Nutrition company TechMix LLC has announed the launch of TechMix BioTech, a joint venture in Shanghai, positioning the company for a strong entry in China for their specialize nutrition products. In a partnership created with GenTech China, the TechMix BioTech new facilities include a manufacturing plant, offices and sales team.

"China is the largest swine market in the world with more than 650 million hogs produced every year. Chinese producers are looking for more specialty nutrition products for targeted applications - to better manage the stress periods of pigs, as alternatives to medications and antibiotics… and based on proven technology. TechMix products are proven with 28 years of experience" said Mike Nelson, President, TechMix.

The new business initially includes six proven products from theTechMix swine product portfolio that focus on sows and young pigs. The flagship product of this portfolio is Swine BlueLite®. Swine BlueLite is a water-soluble hydration product combining acidified electrolytes and energy sources that maximize hydration. Other products in the portfolio include Mo’ Milk, Liquitein, Gruel-tein, Baby Pig Restart and N-Take. Product use and administration varies among these products however they each can be used within a targeted intervention protocol developed by TechMix called Timed Event Nutrition.

Timed Event Nutrition (T.E.N.) focuses on delivering the right nutritional assistance at the right time such as during periods of stress. This nutritional support gives animals a much better chance of getting through these high-stress events with fewer health and performance complications. Major stress events include transportation, farrowing, weaning, diet changes, disease, as well as out-of-feed and out-of-water events. Keeping animals healthy and performing by managing their health during these events is more cost effective than fighting a disease that may result when unmanaged.

TechMix products have been validated by numerous university and field studies and have demonstrated that they are economical to use and deliver a measurable economic return on investment for producers.