Rapid Sales Growth is Driving DELACON Expansion and New Appointments


Meeting the need of our strong long-term market growth is driving change in DELACON’s sales structure. DELACON has recently established new regional sales administrations for the Asia and Pacific area (ASPAC) and for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).


In 2012 Asia became one of the largest sales regions for DELACON. The local sales team has expanded the distribution network by appointing additional partners. From July 2012, Sze Eng Kian is Regional Manager North-East Asia, Gina Medina is Regional Manager South-East Asia, and Kevin Wang is General Manager China.


DELACON also reorganized and expanded the EMEA sales region managed by Alban Llorca (EMEA regional manager). Bernard Paumelle has been appointed Business Development Manager, responsible for new market entries in the Middle East and Africa. Annelies Diericx, Area Manager for North-West Europe and Michael Binder, Area Manager for Central Europe are responsible for sales and distributor liaison in their respective areas.


DELACON is the pioneer and largest researcher, producer and distributor of phytogenic feed additives in the world. DELACON delivers phytogenic solutions that improve animal welfare and nutritional efficiency, and reduces environmental impacts of animal production operations. Since 2010 the company has invested heavily in R&D, production capacity and new talent, to sustain its world-wide growth and innovative capital.