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Prima Tech Launches Three New OTC Product Packaging Options

Kenansville, NC, USA – January 15, 2011 – “Understanding and responding to the unique needs of our customers has been critical to the success of Prima Tech’s over-the-counter (OTC) products.” according to Kim Quinn, President and CEO of the company.

“We recognize that our customers’ needs differ, depending on the species of animal, vaccination protocols, size and type of facilities. To respond to these unique needs, Prima Tech is introducing two new product packs which will allow customers to choose the product options that work best for them.”

These new packaging options will be available in the Prima Vaccinator, Prima Bottle Mount Vaccinator and Prima Injector product lines. There will now be three options for customers to choose from, Premium, Value and Economy.

The Premium Line is the unchanged familiar pack complete with the full range of tools and accessories.

These are the packages featured in the Prima Tech Product catalog. The Premium Line is packed in cases of 12 syringes.

The Value Line is a new packaging option, and includes a smaller range of accessories. Normally, the Value Line will be packed in cases of 32 syringes.

The Economy Line is packed with the syringe only, allowing customers to buy accessories separately and only when needed. This line will normally be packed in cases of 36 syringes.

These new packaged product lines will be phased in to the market starting in February 2011.

Prima Tech is an American owned company, focused on providing innovative delivery solutions for the pharmaceutical, biological and natural care products for the food animal markets worldwide. Concept, research, design and assembly are done in our North Carolina facilities.


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