Pharmgate Animal Health Announces the Canadian Launch of Medicine to Help Treat PPE

Pharmgate Animal Health announces the Canadian launch of Aivlosin® 17% Tylvalosin Medicated Premix, which is for the treatment of porcine proliferative enteritis (PPE) associated with Lawsonia intracellularis infection in swine.

Iletis can have a severe impact on a swine producer’s profitability, because ileitis, particularly in the chronic form can remain widespread on many swine operation, which can result in porr feed conversion rates, as well as weight gains.

Clinical signs of Ileitis may be subtle or altogether absent. Diagnosis by serology or PCR will be needed to confirm the presence of the disease.

Vets and producers can improve production performance through pig flow management and targeted treatment to help reduce this form of the disease, which can be a costly threat.

Aivlosin 17% Premix is a targeted in feed medication that should be fed to pigs at the right time based on clinical signs and diagnostics. A responsible, targeted in-feed treatment can be implemented to best optimize a hog’s performance, as well as a producer’s financial returns.

The premix is administered at a level of 42.5 ppm in a complete feed for 14 consecutive days to provide 2.125 mg of tylvalosin per kg per kg body weight daily, offering both a low therapeutic dose rate as well as a short treatment duration option.



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There is no withdrawal period required while feeding Aivlosin 17% Premix, which is a great benefit when breakdowns occur in late finishing hogs.

Through multiple trials with various key opinion leaders in North America, using the Winkelman challenge model, it has been shown that using Aivlosin 17% Premix provides significant recovery of lost gain caused by ileitis, great improvement of feed conversion rates, a notable reduction in mortality, fast reduction of clinical signs and a decrease in intestinal lesions.

Dr. Dan Rosener, Technical Services Manager for Pharmgate Animal Health, N. America, summarizes it all: “The launch of Aivlosin 17% Tylvalosin Medicated Premix allows animal health professionals greater flexibility when dealing with the treatment of subclinical, chronic and acute cases of ileitis. Outstanding benefits have been demonstrated. With global concerns about the use of antibiotics this new treatment option with its low therapeutic dose rate, short treatment time and 0-day withdrawal period fulfills the requirements for the judicious use of antimicrobials”.

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