Pennatek, LLC Rebrands to JBS United Animal Health, LLC


JBS United is excited to announce that Pennatek, LLC has changed its name to JBS United Animal Health, LLC. This change of name does not reflect any shift in ownership of the company, but rather is the beginning of an effort to include this exciting new venture in the trusted brand of JBS United.


Pennatek, LLC was originally started as a joint venture between Gel Med Sciences and JBS United. Internal development and commercialization teams have been hard at work creating a platform of unique animal health products.  The company is confident that their discoveries will bring a new dimension to the services offered by JBS United for the betterment of the swine industry.


The inclusion of JBS United Animal Health into the JBS United family also brings the opportunity to work with excellent new talent in the research field and the company looks forward to introducing them soon. Initial product development efforts are in the final stages of development and JBS United is eagerly anticipating introducing them to the industry once marketing approval is obtained.