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November Assignment for Pfizer Animal Health’s “Virtual Walk the Pens” Simulator

Mysterious Coughing, Pigs Off Feed

New York (Oct. 29, 2009)—Pfizer Animal Health announces the release of the newest scenario for the “Virtual Walk the Pens” simulator. In the sixth scenario, pigs are arriving to the virtual barn, coughing and uninterested in food. Many arrived as fallouts and more are occurring each day. The last caregiver can’t figure out why the pigs didn’t take to feed and wants advice on what’s wrong and how to prevent it in the future. It’s up to players to use their skills and work with the virtual veterinarian and stop any more fallouts before death loss severely affects the 2,400-head herd.

The simulator is an online educational tool that can be played from any standard computer and is intended to help demonstrate the importance of Individual Pig Care.

“The educational component of the simulator has been a hit with producers and teachers alike,” says Eric Farrand, Pig Husbandry Team Manager, Pfizer Animal Health. “We are proud to provide an educational resource that industry professionals find value in.”

The newest scenario can be found at, where players can also check their scores and see how their farm system is standing up to others. The competition continues for best overall score and monthly winners for each scenario’s top score will receive an Individual Pig Care tool belt to help make working in the real barns a little easier.

Individual Pig Care™ is an approach that provides for pig needs to maximize potential, producer needs for increased profitability and societal needs for a sustainable, high-quality product, raised with sound husbandry practices.

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