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New Traceback Standards Set by ScoringAg’s Interoperable Database for the Food and Feed Industry

ScoringAg’s interoperable and worldwide working database provides the Traceability Standard for the whole supply chain with its standardized data elements for all foodhandlers from field-to-fork to prove food safety documentation.

It is the only system that enables all worldwide partners in the food or feed supply chain to upload from their internal systems traceback relevant data and move it seamlessly to the next partner in the supply chain in a secure 128bit encrypted web-based system.

Thousands of existing software programs in the food supply chain used all over the world, are important as an in-house management tool but can not provide the needed traceback of all up and all down foodhandlers. Not all information that is needed to manage a company is important for traceback. With ScoringAg there is not a need to open company files by accessing a company server to get the information about a product or have no access at all if there is no computer system in place. Companies with existing programs can use ScoringAg as a third-party traceability supplier. Only traceback relevant data gets uploaded into ScoringAg’s standardized interoperable system that creates automatically an unique identifier code and a traceback barcode. The created e-Pedigree allows a traceback or trace-up in seconds in case of a recall. Every single package or individual product can be traced back from the refrigerator throughout all steps in seconds. This shortens the duration of food borne outbreaks, and helps the industry by saving millions finding the place of the exact handling problem in seconds.

ScoringAg works also for companies that don’t have any system in place as it provides all needed electronic records from birth/planting throughout any processing, commingling, shipping, distribution centers up to the retailer.

• ScoringAg location records for every food handler, including transporters show the full documentation of the origin, handling and previous distribution history of the food.

• ScoringAg production records show all stages of planting, growing, maintaining, harvesting, storing, cooling, packing, sorting, transporting, processing, more transporting, warehouse storage, and who done it when.

• ScoringAg HACCP records show the sanitation, processing, and verification date-time stamped requirements.

• ScoringAg’s entity records for all agriculture commodities include manure/compost use, water quality, employee hygiene, sanitation, animal control, and temperature controls along with product testing.

• ScoringAg's database records allow anyone to upload any type of certification, documents, tests, paper records, pictures or videos.

• For computer-less societies ScoringAg provides paper documentation to be entered by 3rd parties into the database.

• ScoringAg's archiving system allows everybody from the smallest famer to the largest retailers to store the records according to the individual Countries law.

ScoringAg is the only world-wide working, full-chain traceback system at item-level or case/pallet level covering all agriculture commodities, ingredients and food products raw and processed, repacked or commingled, where the record as documentation moves with the product in the webbased system no matter where it comes from or goes to in real-time.

ScoringAg is a successful working multi-language system for many years and is used by all different types of industries. Our Professionals in North America, Latin and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Japan are helping customers every day with our proven low-cost, user friendly system to build a foundation of trust and accountability to the end-consumer.

ScoringAg is the only database covering every single requirement by the proposed laws H.R. 2749 and S 510 and the FDA 2002 Bioterrorism law and can be used today as it covers the recommendations of the IFT to the FDA ScoringAg also operates under the US code 21CFR Part 11.

ScoringAg’s records have the required standard for the new EU traceback law ISO/TS 22002-1:2009.

ScoringAg's traceback and trace up system for all agriculture products, featuring Site-Specific Recordkeeping™ and PIDC location codes, is one of the many divisions of ScoringSystem, Inc., located in Bradenton, Florida USA. and makes managing data easier and does it in an extremely low cost effective manner for food safety.

For more information, please contact:

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