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March Scenario for Pfizer Animal Health’s “Virtual Walk the Pens” Simulator

Unusual Water Reading May Indicate Trouble

New York (March 1, 2010)—Pfizer Animal Health is releasing the 10th scenario for the “Virtual Walk the Pens” simulator. In this scenario, the virtual finishing barn has reduced water use, according to the meters. Players must walk the pens and determine if a disease outbreak is threatening the finishers in the virtual barn. The virtual veterinarian is on hand to analyze player’s findings and offer advice.

The simulator is an online educational tool that can be played from any standard computer and is intended to help demonstrate the importance of Individual Pig Care.

“We have been very impressed with how well ‘Virtual Walk the Pens’ has been received by the industry,” says Eric Farrand, Pig Husbandry Team Manager, Pfizer Animal Health. “The competition was very strong and we’re thrilled that so many people took a vested interest in improving their Individual Pig Care skills.”

Since June 2009, 2,551 players have gone to work in the virtual barn to determine the best course of action for the 2,400 virtual pigs. All of the scenarios can be found at and players are encouraged to replay scenarios and improve their scores. A bonus scenario also will be presented randomly as players return to the site.

The highest ranking player from each month will receive and Individual Pig Care tool belt to help make work in the real barns a little easier.

Individual Pig Care™ is an approach that provides for pig needs to maximize potential, producer needs for increased profitability and societal needs for a sustainable, high-quality product, raised with sound husbandry practices.

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