(Milwaukee, WI) Lallemand Animal Nutrition is pleased to announce the advancement of Jeff Ast as Commercial Director for North America. Mr. Ast is a Kansas State University graduate and has been with Lallemand Animal Nutrition since 2003. Most recently he was Beef Products Manager and Business Development Manager. (photo available upon request)

With an objective to double the North American business, Lallemand Animal Nutrition is increasing its sales, marketing and technical team. The Animal Nutrition team has grown threefold in 10 years in an effort to provide the best service and products. Three employee announcements were recently made and there are six additional available positions. (Please visit if you have an interest in one of the open positions.)

In addition to expanding the workforce, Lallemand is investing in both infrastructure and technology. In 2011, registration was completed for Biotal®Buchneri 500 silage inoculants for sale in Canada, and Agrimos®for Mexico, expanding a portfolio of quality products already registered in those countries.

In Fall of 2011, Lallemand acquired the Sil-All®silage inoculant business from Alltech. This acquisition demonstrates LAN’s long term commitment to delivering forage technologies to the ruminant sector, creating opportunities for distributor partners, employees and farmer customers.  It creates a leading global forage business with a presence in all major ruminant markets, making Lallemand one of the two market leaders in this sector and provides a market entry platform for future growth of Lallemand’s Animal Nutrition portfolio into high growth markets in E. Europe and S. America. Bacteria production will be undertaken primarily at the Milwaukee plant creating an opportunity to achieve economies of scale in production and raw material procurement costs. (This transaction does not affect the Lallemand yeast and feed additive business and Lallemand will continue to actively compete with Alltech and other companies in those sectors.)

In addition, the acquisition of Harmonium International by Lallemand was effective November 7, 2011 demonstrating Lallemand's commitment to growing the Human Nutrition business worldwide, creating new opportunities for distributor partners and future products.

Harmonium International built an impressive position in North America and particularly in Canada over the last thirteen years. The Lallemand Human Division, Institut Rosell, is more active in Europe and Asia, where it has developed an equally impressive position. Institut Rosell has very strong assets and dossiers on the R&D and regulatory side worldwide. This "fusion" of respective strengths, knowledge and skills will help to defend and improve the combined leading position of Lallemand in probiotics for human use on all continents.

This acquisition increases production capacity with a bacteria plant offering encapsulation, tabletting and packaging capacities located close to Montreal. This provides the opportunity to reduce costs and increase formulation and full-service opportunities to further develop the human nutrition business. There are no plans to close or consolidate any production sites and no reduction of employees is to be expected at the plant level.


Lallemand, Inc. is a privately held Canadian company specialized in yeast, bacteria and yeast derivatives, for animal nutrition, baking, winemaking and pharmaceutical industries. Lallemand is the only major supplier of yeast and bacteria that is a primary producer of both, and is a recognized leader in screening for optimized microbial strains for feed, food and ethanol applications.