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Kemin AgriFoods Commemorates 50 Years of Innovation With a New Campaign: The Advisor, You Can Count On

DES MOINES, Iowa – March 8, 2011 – Kemin AgriFoods, a division of Kemin Industries, is proud to celebrate its Golden Jubilee, marking fifty years of continued excellence in the field of safety, efficiency and health through animal nutrition. A rich history, state of the art research and development methods, plus innovative products have resulted in a multinational company that is knowledgeable, client-centric and trustworthy. With so much experience and knowledge, Kemin is the advisor you can count on.

Kemin started in 1961 as a small entrepreneurial venture that now, fifty years later, operates in more than 60 countries with manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Singapore, South Africa and the United States. This global presence reinforces one of Kemin’s core strengths: a local network.

“We firmly believe that to best serve our customers, we first have to know them. By creating open channels of communication via local Kemin companies, we can more fully appreciate area-specific issues and client needs,” said Kemin AgriFoods president, Dr. John Springate.

This local understanding also extends to research and development, which takes into account the various cultures, diverse issues and unique trends that exist in different regions. By working with and listening to local customers, Kemin develops relevant solutions tailored to meet their needs.

The superior quality and well-regarded efficiency of Kemin products, as well as the reliable technology that produces them, confirms the company’s fifty-year reputation as a trusted expert.

“Our local network and trusted expertise enable us to provide specialized services that maximize the return on investment in Kemin products,” continued Springate. “Kemin Customer Laboratory Services caters to individual customer needs, and our Product Application Department creates custom application systems.”

From Kemin’s local network and global research and development to its fifty years of collective expertise and specialized services, Kemin AgriFoods is built on a strong and reliable foundation. As a trusted advisor, Kemin AgriFoods helps customers to be safe, healthy and efficient.

To highlight these strengths, Kemin AgriFoods has launched a new strategic campaign. “We are proud of our interaction with our customers and of the added value we bring them,” stated Jan-Jeroen De Beucker, Kemin AgriFoods marketing director. “Our new campaign communicates the value we provide and the promise we make to our customers that Kemin is the advisor you can count on.”

Kemin® – Inspired Molecular Solutions.

Founded in 1961, Kemin Industries is celebrating its 50th Anniversary of providing “inspired molecular solutions” specifically developed to provide nutrition and health benefits for humans and animals. Kemin distributes approximately 500 specialty ingredients worldwide to the feed and food industries as well as to the health, nutrition and beauty markets. Kemin ingredients positively impact more than 1.3 billion people a day.

A global, privately-held corporation headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa (USA), Kemin has experienced double-digit growth in the last several years. The company has more than 1,200 employees and operates in 60 countries with manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Singapore, South Africa and the United States.

Kemin’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Chris Nelson, has shared the company’s 5-year strategic growth plan that begins in 2011 and includes significant investments throughout the world with a focus on expansions in the United States, Belgium, Russia, India and China. “The demand for high-quality products with nutrition and health benefits has never been stronger,” said Nelson. “Kemin’s commitment to extensively-researched and highly-effective ingredients is setting the stage for us to fulfill our vision of improving the quality of life by positively impacting half of the world’s population within the next five years.”

About Kemin AgriFoods

Kemin AgriFoods brings value to the feed industry by working in partnership with its customers. With fifty years of collective expertise in animal nutrition, Kemin AgriFoods has developed the TOTAL NUTRITION program offering nutritional solutions that contribute to the safe, efficient and healthy production of animal protein. Proven scientific knowledge, reliable technology and personalized service make Kemin the advisor you can count on.