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JBS United Launches a Completely Redesigned Website to Provide More Information and to Better Represent the Company

SHERIDAN, IN, February 1, 2011 – JBS United has announced the unveiling of a completely redesigned website aimed at providing site visitors with more information about the company’s animal nutrition products and services. The site is easier to navigate and its technical content has been greatly expanded to give users immediate answers to their questions and to help them navigate the site more quickly. The new website also better represents JBS United as it is today. The company has continued to expand into new markets and new areas of R&D, and the website reflects these changes. The look and feel of the site has also changed dramatically, providing a more professional and corporate interface with customers, prospects, new employees, etc. The new website is located at

Some key aspects of the new design include quick navigational access to the areas of Animal Nutrition, Emerging Technologies, Research and Development, JBS United’s Signature Farms and Grain Markets. The homepage also displays more news stories, making these articles easier to find and read. Up-to-date reports for the Grain Markets and the company’s United Pig Placement Service (UPPS) are also quickly and easily accessible from the new home page. Lastly, it is now easier than ever to sign up for the JBS United e-newsletter, with a rapid sign-up area located at the bottom of the home page.

The new JBS United website also has a much more prominent focus on the company’s international business and inquiries. There is a new area dedicated to this, which lists all the specific business development contacts for the different regions of the world. The site also has a greatly expanded Careers section, which provides more information on what it is like to work at JBS United. Employee testimonials, benefits and current job openings are all listed, and employment applications are available for download. This expanded Careers section is very important to the company as it continues to grow.

Lisa Coverdale, JBS United’s Marketing Manager stated, “The new site is a great representation of the company. It is more focused on the associates, who make the company what it is. We want others to know how much we value our employees, and how that respect translates into a dedication and passion for what they do.”

About JBS United Since its founding in 1956, JBS United, Inc. has been dedicated to providing research-based solutions to enhance animal nutrition and livestock production profitability. The company provides products to swine, poultry and dairy producers worldwide. For more information, visit the new JBS United website at