JBS United Hires New Director of Technical Services


JBS United is thrilled to announce that Charlie Francisco, DVM, MS has recently joined JBS United Animal Health and will serve as Director of Technical Services. Dr. Francisco brings a great deal of experience to our team and we expect that his expertise in swine production and technical service will be indispensible.


Dr. Francisco has worked as a swine technical service veterinarian for the past 17 years and more recently served as Director of Swine Technical Service for Merck Animal Health. His primary focus in swine production medicine is breeding management and gilt development and JBS United is confident that he is the right person to lead their Animal Health team as they develop an exciting new platform of unique animal health products.


The University of Illinois was home for Dr. Francisco throughout his educational career. He received his veterinary degree in 1989, his Master’s in swine production medicine in 1991, and he graduated from the Executive Veterinary Program in 1998. He is currently based out of his home office in Mahomet, IL.


JBS United is honored that such a seasoned expert in the industry shares the same belief in the potential of JBS United Animal Health.  With Dr. Francisco as a member of the team, the company is confident that the future will bring exciting advances in the science of swine production. JBS United looks forward to sharing their discoveries with the rest of the industry soon.