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JBS United Enhances Service to Swine Producers in Minnesota and Iowa with New Account Managers

SHERIDAN, Ind., October 3, 2011 – JBS United is pleased to announce that Jenna Davis and Jacob (Jake) Lee have joined the company as Territory Account Managers. They will be serving the animal nutrition needs of swine producers in Western Minnesota (Jenna) and Southeast Iowa west of Washington County (Jake). JBS United has worked in these geographic areas for many years, and has many existing customers to support. Jenna and Jake will live in their respective areas, providing a close personal contact for those swine producers and allowing for more hands-on nutrition consulting and farm management assistance.

Jenna Davis grew up on a family swine farm in Minnesota, near Okabena. Her family raised pigs, corn and soybeans, so she began to understand the needs of swine producers at a very early age. Jenna attended the University of Minnesota, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, and then later, a Master’s degree in Swine Nutrition. Her graduate research work focused on the effects of feeding dried distiller’s grains with soluble and supplemental tallow to improve pork fat quality. She is excited to join JBS United, stating, “I am looking forward to helping the swine producers in my home state become more effective and profitable.”

Jake Lee attended Illinois State University (ISU), where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences and a Master’s degree in Swine Nutrition. His master’s thesis was focused on the nutrient digestibility and performance of weaned pigs fed soybean meal processed using fermentation, extrusion and supplemental phytase. During his time at ISU, Jake was employed as the primary Instructor of Agricultural Engineering and as a Graduate Research Assistant. Other swine nutrition based research topics he has worked on include the inclusion of alternative soy protein ingredients, salvage pet food, antimicrobial water medications, cation balance of gestating gilts, and alternative housing methods for gestating sows. Jake is also excited to be joining JBS United, stating, “I am ready to apply everything I have learned throughout my research and education to help the swine producers of Iowa in any way I can.”

JBS United has always been heavily focused on swine nutrition to help producers improve the health of their pigs, while maximizing their production and profits. Jenna and Jake will work towards that goal in their respective geographic areas, and will provide those local swine producers a personal contact that can meet with them to help solve their challenges.

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