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JBS United Employees Awarded Multiple Agribusiness Honors

SHERIDAN, Ind., April 12, 2010 – JBS United is proud to announce that three employees, Dr. Joel Spencer, Dr. Buddy Hinson and Mike Johnston, are the recipients of several prestigious agribusiness awards.

Dr. Joel Spencer was awarded the 2010 Midwest ASAS / ADSA Outstanding Young Agribusiness Award for his innovative animal research and contributions to the swine industry. Joel is a Swine

Nutritionist and Nursery Products Division Manager for JBS United. He has led JBS United’s research in amino acid, carbohydrate and fatty acid nutrition for nursery pigs. Joel serves as a consultant to all JBS United customers, with a specific focus on large national accounts, and he is also a key international business developer working in five foreign countries. He has published six peer-reviewed journal papers and 22 scientific abstracts, and has received one patent and 11 invited presentations.

Dr. Buddy Hinson is the recipient of the Dr. Tim S. Stahly Outstanding Swine Nutrition Midwest Graduate Student Award. This award serves to recognize outstanding achievements in the areas of research, extension, and teaching efforts by a Midwest graduate student in the area of swine nutrition. It is part of a memorial and tribute fund established in 2008 with the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) to honor the 40 year career and work of Dr. Tim S. Stahly. Buddy currently serves as a Nutritionist on the Technical Services team for JBS United. is collegiate and professional research program management experience is extensive. His previous work experience includes Research Specialist in the Department of Animal Science at the University of Missouri as well as a Graduate Research assistant in the Department of Animal Science at Purdue University. In addition to his own research programs at the University of Missouri, Buddy was also the manager of three commercial research sites that included three 1,100 head nurseries, two 1,100 head grow-finish barns, and two 1,200 head wean-finish barns.

Mike Johnston was recognized by the National Pork Board with an award for Innovation in Research for co-authoring an abstract that was recognized as Demonstrating Outstanding Innovation that Benefits the Pork Industry. The scientific abstract was titled “Soybean Meal Level Modifies the Impact of High Immune Stress on Growth and Feed Efficiency in Pigs,” and

was authored by Mike, as well as R.D. Boyd, C.E. Zier-Rush, and C.E. Fralick. Results of Mike’s career in research have been published in more than 30 referred journal articles and abstracts.

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