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JBS United Announces New Nutritionist Brendan Corrigan

SHERIDAN, Ind., March 4, 2010 – JBS United is pleased to announce a new addition to their Technical Services team. Brendan Corrigan will serve as the new Nutritionist specializing in swine performance. He will be working with swine producers to help them improve nutrition, while maximizing their production and profits.

Brendan, originally from Peoria, IL, graduated from the University of Illinois in 2000 with a B.S. in Animal Science, and in 2002 with an M.S. in Swine Production and Nutrition. His academic research focused on start-up strategies with newly weaned pigs. He has extensive research and hands-on experience with nursery pigs, as well as a keen understanding of the impacts from various feedstuffs on nursery pig performance. Brendan has experience developing research trial designs, interpreting data and presenting written and oral summaries to producers and colleagues. He is also knowledgeable in feed formulation to implement practical solutions that maximize margins over feed.

Brendan has over seven years experience in the swine industry and is a member of ASAS(American Society of Animal Science) having the status of PAS (Professional Animal Scientist). He has also been the author or co-author of 11 abstracts.

Brendan is eager to begin his new position with JBS United and stated, “I look forward to working with swine producers to help them improve their productivity and profits.”

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