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Hubbard Feeds and Bioverse Team Up to Provide Manure Pit Management Products

AgraSphere and Activator Plus are valuable solutions for swine producers

Mankato, Minn., Sept. 15, 2011 – Hubbard Feeds and Bioverse Inc. are pleased to announce that Hubbard Feeds has become a distributor for Bioverse agricultural waste management products: the AgraSphere® and Activator Plus®. These products use naturally occurring, beneficial bacteria to reduce sludge build-up and prevent crusting. This reduction in crusting and solids in manure pits and waste systems is crucial for maximizing pit storage capacity and maintaining proper pit performance.

“Our customers are always looking for ways to reduce solids build-up, control insects, and reduce odors in their barns and pits,” says Ernie Hansen, swine group leader for Hubbard Feeds. “The all-natural, fast-acting Activator Plus combined with the 24/7 inoculation feature of the AgraSphere for continuous maintenance make an effective, affordable and easy solution for swine producers.”

For more information on the Bioverse products and where they can be purchased, contact Hubbard Feeds at 1-800-869-7219 or visit

Bioverse on The Hub™

Bioverse agricultural waste management products are the featured topic in the September edition of The Hub™, an exclusive podcast from Hubbard Feeds. Swine producers, nutritionists and veterinarians can sign up for a free subscription at The Hub podcasts are e-mailed automatically each month, and listeners have an opportunity to provide feedback and respond to polls on topics of interest to the swine industry. A transcript of The Hub podcasts is also available for download.

Hubbard Feeds Inc. offers more than 500 swine nutrition products including feeds, concentrates, base mixes and premixes through a national dealer network. The company is headquartered in Mankato, Minn., and currently operates 21 plants in 13 states. Hubbard Feeds, as part of Ridley Inc., was among the first major feed and nutrition companies in North America to achieve ISO 9001/HACCP certification, a quality control and documentation program.

Founded in 1995 in Pipestone, Minn., as a research and development company, Bioverse Inc. now has 16 employees. The company has formulated, tested and now sells its products to enhance water quality.