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Genetiporc appoints Mario Lapierre as Chief Operating Officer

Christian Breton, CEO of Genetiporc International is pleased to appoint Mario Lapierre as Chief Operating Officer. Mr Lapierre’s main focus will be to lead Genetiporc’s significant international business growth. Mr Lapierre brings a combination of practical experience, knowledge, passion and integrity that will serve Genetiporc well in its vision to become a dominant player in the international pig genetic business. Mr Lapierre has been working for Genetiporc for 12 years, with the last 5 years as General Manager and the previous 7 years as Production Manager for the Breton family corporate farms. Prior to Genetiporc, Mr Lapierre worked for 12 years as Production Manager for two other large integrated companies in Quebec. Mr Lapierre graduated from University of Laval with a Bachelor’s degree in animal science.

Genetiporc specializes in the production, selection and distribution of breeding stock with superior genetics and health status. Genetiporc conducts business in Canada, United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, China, Russia and the Philippines.

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