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Genesus Awards Woodland- First herd in North America 3 years over 30 pigs weaned

Last week Genesus honoured several of its 66 customers who weaned over 25 pigs in the last calendar year. Genesus is fortunate to have such an excellent group of high achieving producers. It takes diligence and 365 days of intensity to achieve production in the top 8% of all producers.

We congratulate all Genesus 25+ award winners.

Also receiving recognition was Woodland Colony the first herd in North America to reach 30 pigs per sow and now the first in North America to reach 30 pigs per sow for three consecutive years. This in turn has led to an astounding 28.5 hogs marketed per sow per year. Top Producer, Top Result. Genesus congratulates Woodland for these industry leading results.

For more information contact:

Jim Long

President and CEO

Genesus Genetics


[email protected]