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Feed Energy Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary

Des Moines, IA, January 20, 2011 - This year marks Feed Energy's 25th year of providing profit enhancing feed ingredient solutions to Midwest livestock producers.

Twenty-five years ago CEO Robert G. Riley, Jr. saw a need to provide a higher quality, more consistent source of energy for livestock feed. By teaming with some of the foremost metabolizable energy and carbon chain structure experts in crop and animal by-products, Feed Energy was able to establish itself in a new category for "feed energy". Energy is the most important component of any livestock diet. Energy content impacts the feed efficiency and other performance factors such as rate of gain. Feed Energy provides fat ingredients which provide a consistent source of high quality energy.

The company's reach extends throughout the Midwest in the turkey, poultry, cattle and swine markets. In fact, more than 80% of turkeys produced in Iowa are fed Feed Energy products.

"The exciting part is that we are ramping up even faster today," commented Riley. "When I started this business 25 years ago, distiller grains didn't exist and crop prices were at all time lows. Today, we are seeing record crop prices and new concerns with consistency, quality and availability of livestock feed ingredients. This industry continues to evolve, and I'm excited to say that Feed Energy is staying ahead of this evolution by providing tomorrow's technology today."

"We are constantly researching and asking producers how we can better help them," added Sam Scheidler, Executive Director. "We are in business to help producers get more for their feed dollar. And because we do that every day, we make a difference for our country's livestock producers - that's what gets us up in the morning."

Feed Energy is an innovative agribusiness firm primarily engaged in further refining vegetable oil as a high-energy, liquid feed ingredient. The company produces and distributes scientifically balanced ingredients specific to their customers' needs throughout the Midwest. Feed Energy's headquarters and original production facility have been in Des Moines for 25 years, with additional Iowa production and distribution facilities in Sioux City and Pacific Junction.

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