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Hypor is pleased to announce the successful completion of an embryo transfer project in Manitoba, Canada. Embryos harvested from Piétrain donor sows at Hypor’s Lockport nucleus facility were transplanted to recipient Duroc sows at the Hock n’ Ham nucleus facility in January 2011. The first Hypor Maxter litters hit the ground in May making Canada home to the world’s highest health Maxter Piétrain population.

Maxter great grandparent males and females were imported to Manitoba, Canada in July 2010 from Hypor’s Sichamps nucleus in France. The Maxters were moved from the isolation facility to Hypor’s Lockport, Manitoba nucleus facility in November 2010.

On January 31, 2011 a team of Hypor, Genesafe and Swine Health Professional personnel harvested embryos from Maxter donor sows at Hypor’s Lockport nucleus facility. Embryos were moved same day to Hypor’s Hock n’ Ham nucleus facility near Reston where a second team made up of personnel from the same three companies implanted the Piétrain embryos into waiting Duroc recipient sows. On May 21, 2011 the first Maxter litters were farrowed at Hypor’s Hock n’ Ham nucleus facility. Based on the success of the first project a second embryo transfer project was completed on September 12, 2011 to further expand Hypor’s Maxter population in North America.

Originally developed by France Hybrides in 1971, the Maxter Piétrain line was acquired by Hypor in 2008. The Hypor Maxter has achieved widespread commercial success in Europe where it is recognized for being the fastest growing Piétrain in the world. Recent Canadian commercial trials using imported semen have validated European results and demonstrate significant opportunity for the genes in the North American pork value chain. With ever increasing pressure on cost of production, the time was right to introduce the Maxter line to North America.

Hypor, part of Hendrix Genetics is one of the world's leading suppliers of swine genetics. Hypor is committed to providing superior genetics, which support profitability in the pork value chain. With its head office located in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, the company has strategically located and interconnected breeding centers in North America, Europe and Asia.