Canadian Company LWR Partners with Harper Adams University in Renewable Energy Funding

Livestock Water Recycling, Inc. (LWR) is excited to announce that Harper Adams University will be studying its manure treatment system, because the University has been awarded funding for a UK WRAP – Driving Innovation in Anaerobic Digestion (DIAD) project. The project will evaluate the technical and economic benefits of LWR’s system and its ability to successfully treat digestate from anaerobic digestion (AD).

The objective of WRAP funding is to identify technologies and solutions which will improve AD operations and aid them in market penetration. The approved funding project, titled Re-cycling Nutrients and Water from Digestate (ReNWD), will be completed in June. 

Scott Kirby, who is responsible for commercial farming operations at Harper Adams, is the project lead for ReNWD. Scott has toured LWR’s headquarters in Calgary, AB and operating system sites in Manitoba and New York.  Ross Thurston, President of LWR is confident that this study will, “create awareness of this new innovative technology and how it can aid livestock operations in effectively treating their effluent in an environmentally sustainable way.”

In operation since 2011, Harper Adams’ AD processes approximately 11,000 tonnes of dairy and pig slurry, as well as 12,000 tonnes of food waste. Committed to developing sustainable heat and electricity, the University uses their AD to produce biogas and digestate from waste. The digestate, a mixture of nutrients and water can be used as fertilizer. LWR’s technology will recycle clean water from the digestate and concentrate the nutrients. This will enable efficient nutrient application and reduce potential run-off into fresh water sources.

The funding promotes the importance of processing and enhancing digestate for a safe, sustainable and profitable AD industry.