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AgriSolutions, Inc., to Release AgManager® Software Upgrade November 17

(BRIGHTON, IL – AgNewsWire - November 16, 2010) AgriSolutions® the developer of AgManager® accounting software is announcing an exciting new release which includes many feature updates and a new, easy-to-use interface. These improvements further enhance the ability of agricultural producers to manage the demands of their modern farm businesses. The agricultural accounting experts at AgriSolutions Inc., of Brighton, Ill., will release the upgrade on the company’s website,, on November 17.

AgManager®, an “old friend” to many farmers and ag accountants, is getting a new face and enhanced functionality, according to AgriSolutions Assistant Director of Operations Carolyn Roberts. The early leader in producers’ implementation of managerial accounting, this customized software comes packaged with individualized set up, technical support, live and online training, updates, and benchmarking. Expert management consultation is available to provide additional financial insight.

“For U.S. farmers and their accountants, modern times demand modern tools. All types of ag producers today face tighter margins than in the past. Marketing techniques, from hedging to contract sales, add complexity to tracking costs and projecting potential income,” said Roberts. “It’s an ever-changing environment that calls for top-notch accounting software, and ongoing support to back it up.”

New AgManager® features boost user-friendliness as farm accountants input transactions, monitor financial position and create reports, Roberts said. The software has a new menu structure that improves user navigation and adds “tool tips” which make it easier for new users to understand the menu options. There also are updated icons, a new calendar for easy date selection, and a new calculator that quickly updates amount fields and includes an electronic “tape.” All of these features are designed to make data entry and navigation much easier for the user.

AgManager® is designed specifically for agricultural producers and their accountants, because their financial management needs are so unique, explained Roberts.

“Having access to production quantities is important to an ag producer. They help measure and monitor financial position based on dollars per bushel, per head or per ton, depending on what commodity they are producing,” said Roberts. “Also, they don’t necessarily pay for all inputs or receive all their revenue within a 12-month calendar year for the commodity produced. AgManager® allows farmers and ranchers to manage the production cycle of their business differently than they manage the tax year.

The unique managerial accounting module available with AgManager® allows users to manage their financial position through a variety of “cost and profit centers” within their operation. Perrysville, OH, dairy and row crop farmer Debbie Ayers, who farms with husband Steve and several other family members, relies on that function daily, managing finances through cost centers for milk, and row crops; even tracking multiple cost centers at the same time for a single crop. With the focused centers, noted Ayers, “You can see better where you’re making money.”

Ayers said she works closely with an AgriSolutions Inc. consultant who supports the technology and helps interpret AgManager®-generated reports. Quarterly meetings with the consultant provide in-depth financial reviews.

“It’s really nice to have someone who can help interpret some of the information,” Ayers said. “I’m just amazed at what this program can generate in terms of reports. You can closely track cost of production, and control those costs more. Some reports can be compared with those of other producers with similar operations.”

AgManager® is customized for each farm operation or farm accounting business. Customization is accomplished through a set-up process, and is based on a series of discussions with the producer and/or their accountant, Roberts said. Once the software is set up, AgriSolutions’ ongoing support is very reliable and helpful, according to Ayers.

The newly updated AgManager® software becomes available November 17. To learn more about AgManager® and AgriSolutions financial management services, visit AgriSolutions on the Internet at, or call (877) 372-3003.

AgriSolutions Inc. provides industry-leading management consulting, accounting software and services, educational programs, and tax planning and preparation, all specifically designed to help agricultural producers be more effective business managers. AgriSolutions is headquartered in Brighton, Illinois, 35 miles northeast of St. Louis, Missouri. For more information please visit