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AgriLabs Announces Jim Glassford New Marketing V.P.

St. Joseph, MO (February 15, 2011) --- Steve Schram, President and CEO of AgriLabs, today announced that James Glassford has joined the company's executive management team as V.P. of Marketing.

"Jim's broad experience and depth of marketing expertise in the pet and animal health industries will enable AgriLabs to expand upon its core strength of cattle biological marketing and sales and focus on emerging technologies applicable to key companion animal segments," stated Schram.

Mr. Schram continued,saying that, "Jim brings a proven record of distribution expansion to specialty retailers in North America, having held leadership positions in marketing and sales with Central Garden & Pet, Virbac and Hills. He is charged with: implementing effective allocation of AgriLabs marketing resources to expand the company's food animal business; promoting industry-wide programs with our 16 animal health owner-distributors and their combined 800+ member sales force; integrating and developing the TradeWinds Division's veterinary, pet store, breeder and groomer businesses; and spearheading the marketing of the Healthy Difference line of products."

"With Jim as V.P. during a pivotal year, AgriLabs is well poised to strategically advance the company's mission to 'make a health difference' with AgriLabs products for the food and companion animal markets. We have every confidence he will streamline the organization's operations and proactively target new business opportunities," commented the CEO.

Mr. Glassford responded, stating that "An understanding of AgriLabs' long history and solid commitment to bringing valuable, innovative animal health products to a wide variety of audiences and animal health markets energizes my focus on utilizing the corporation's marketing and technical services teams to build on its healthy foundation toward strong future growth."

Mr. Schram noted that Jim's deep knowledge of the keys to market success is essential to AgriLabs. "He fully understands customer services processes, manufacturing relationships and technical services capabilities that are at the heart of our company."

Mr. Glassford remarked that he was "delighted to be joining AgriLabs' extremely talented management team. The company's traditions of boldness, innovation and leadership within the animal health industry are legendary. I look forward to working with my new colleagues in marketing, technical services and sales to deliver the most up-to-date products for beef, dairy and companion animals."


About AgriLabs:

AgriLabs ( is an animal health, sales and marketing organization with distribution throughout the United States. The company's partnership structure and philosophy, together with a commitment to expeditious product development, provide a smooth, efficient system for manufacturers from around the world to transfer technology from research laboratories to the marketplace. Through technology transfer and cooperative development agreements, AgriLabs has introduced state-of-the-art products for beef, dairy and companion animals.